Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

The Case for Air Conditioning Services

by Olivia Morris

Air conditioning is one of the most underrated inventions of man. a lot of great things that people do today are done in air conditioned rooms.

Air conditioning is important as it helps you to be comfortable when there are extreme temperatures. This could be when it is too hot, warm, or cold for your comfort.

Modern air conditioning has gone a step farther, it cleans air. It reduces allergens as well as dust particles in the air, these can be harmful. Air conditioning dehumidifies air. This makes air fresher. For all these services air conditioning provides, it requires proper and regular maintenance. The price you paid for air conditioning is high and you would be well served to enjoy its services as long as possible.

What Needs Service in the Air Conditioner?

  • The air conditioning system has filters. These filters keep impurities out as air circulates. With time, there is accumulation of the impurities on the filter. If these are not cleaned you are likely to incur the cost of buying new filters.
  • Other parts of the air conditioner can accumulate dirt form the particles that settle onto its surfaces. Dirt should be removed before it interferes with the moving parts and air circulation within the air conditioning unit.
  • Obstructions may form around the unit for instance near the air vents. This can cause a malfunction hence they need to be removed.
  • When servicing, technicians will check the airflow within the air conditioning system to ensure it is not impeded for any reason whether due to slow fans or due to dirt.
  • The fan and other moving parts could require lubrication and the motor is checked for performance issues.
  • There could be corrosion of some parts of the air conditioning, during servicing technicians will address the cause.
  • The technicians will survey the condition of the Freon, the compressor and ensure that the air conditioning unit switches between the heating and the cooling mode.
  • Regular servicing of the air conditioning system enables it to serve you for longer. It is a preventive measure that reduces the number of times you will realize you air conditioning is not working.

The costs associated with poorly functioning air conditioning are very high compared to getting them serviced by technicians at regular intervals.  A one-time repair bill due to a malfunction can be higher than the cost of having technicians service the unit regularly over a longer period of time. Poorly maintained and serviced units consume more power and fail to sufficiently cool or heat the air.

Servicing is best done after winter or summer when the air conditioning was in full use. How often you need to get the air conditioning serviced depends on how much it has been used but should be at least once a year.


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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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