Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Four Reasons Your Air Conditioning Might Be Making Strange Noises

by Olivia Morris

There are a number of reasons your air conditioning system might be making strange noises. In the best case scenario, these noises mean that something is just out of place and needs to be adjusted or replaced; in the worst case scenario, they indicate serious problems with your AC unit that could put you at risk for expensive repairs or worse.

Here are four reasons your air conditioner might be making strange noises.

1. The Condenser Is Dirty

Your condenser is the part of the system that sits outside in front of your house and produces cold air. It's important to keep this part clean because any dirt or debris will cause more strain on your system and shorten its lifespan. There are two ways that dirt can get into your condenser: through the air vents and through the drain pan at the bottom of it. If there's dirt accumulated in either of these locations, then it could be causing problems with how well your AC works, which could lead to loud rattling noises from inside the unit itself.

2. There's An Issue With The Fan Blade Or Compressor Of Your Air Conditioning

System. If your AC is making loud rattling noises, then it could be because of an issue with the fan blade or compressor. The fan blade is what pushes air through the vents and into your home, so if this breaks or stops working properly, then you won't get cool air coming out of them. A broken compressor can cause similar problems as well—it's what pumps refrigerant around inside your HVAC system. Call a professional If you're unsure of what's causing the rattling noise and you don't want to risk doing any further damage.

3. The Compressor Is Leaking 

If you hear a loud hissing noise coming from your air conditioner, then it could be because the compressor is leaking. This will cause refrigerant to leak out of the unit and onto your floor, which can be extremely dangerous if not dealt with quickly. 

4. There Is An Electrical Short In Your Air Conditioning System

If you hear a loud buzzing or humming noise coming from your HVAC system, then it could be because there is an electrical short in the unit. This can happen if there's moisture inside the air conditioning system that causes corrosion on wires or when something breaks and shorts out.

If you hear any strange noises coming from your air conditioner, it's best to call an HVAC professional as soon as possible. The contractor can inspect your air conditioning system.


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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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