Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Benefits of evaporative cooling over ducted air conditioning systems

by Olivia Morris

For many homeowners, ducted air conditioning systems seem like an obvious choice. They provide both warm and cool air, and they have many different options for climate control via the thermostat. However, evaporative cooling units are also useful options to consider. These cost-effective alternatives cool your home via a simple working mechanism that is easy to maintain.

You probably already know how ducted air conditioners work. In a nutshell, they heat or cool air in a compressor unit and circulate it throughout the home.  Evaporative cooling units work in a different way. First off, the name evaporative cooling comes from the method of heat transfer that is involved when these units operate.

When you're feeling hot in the home, you may turn on your air conditioner for relief. An evaporative cooling unit will draw warm air from the outside and pass it through soaked pads. These pads will then absorb heat from the incoming air and make the resulting supply cooler. As this cool air is supplied into the home, it blows past your skin and replaces the warm air that was present before. Your body will then lose heat to the surrounding cooler air, and you will feel cooler in the process.

But why would you consider an evaporative cooling unit over ducted air conditioning systems?

Evaporative cooling units are cheaper to purchase and install

At its core, an evaporative unit consists only of a fan and a pump. The pump draws in air from the outdoors for cooling, and the fan circulates the cool air throughout your home. This simple working mechanism costs much less than ducted systems. In fact, evaporative coolers don't have all the many components that ducted systems have, such as condenser coils, refrigerant fluids, air filters, etc.

Low operational costs

Because evaporative coolers are simpler in their design and function, they cost much less to maintain. Common issues only arise in the pump or the fan and can be fixed relatively quickly. On the other hand, ducted units have many different components that require frequent maintenance. You often have to regularly maintain your ducted air conditioner if you wish to keep it in good condition. Evaporative coolers are also more energy-efficient.

Supplies a constant stream of fresh air

For your evaporative cooling unit to work effectively, you need a constant supply of fresh air. In fact, it's recommended that you leave some windows open in the home so that indoor air flows out and replaced by a cool fresh supply. Having a constant stream of fresh air is healthy for the home, as it improves the quality of the air you breathe.

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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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