Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

3 Situations When a Ceiling Fan Can Be Used With Your HVAC System to Save on Costs

by Olivia Morris

Many people rely on their HVAC system to keep cool when it's hot outside. If using a central air system, cool air will be channelled through a series of ducts and vents and into every room in the home.

However, if you've been struggling with high cooling costs recently, you may be concerned about leaving your air conditioner on for hours on end. A ceiling fan can be a useful tool to help you remain cool in the home. Ceiling fans spread cool air (coming from your ducts and vents) throughout the surrounding space.

Here are three situations where a ceiling fan can be used (in collaboration with your AC) to reduce those high energy bills.

1. When your home has low ceilings

Rooms with low ceilings often become hot faster than those with higher ceilings. This is because warm air rises, and a room with a low ceiling will have the same warm air re-circulated into the space below.

While your air conditioning system will help keep the room cool by supplying cold air, a ceiling fan can improve air circulation within the same room. The fan blades will circulate cool air throughout the space and encourage air movement. Not only does this keep you cooler, but it also reduces the risk of allergens, dust and mould accumulating in your home.

2. You live in a humid area

Humid air can be a challenge to deal with. Humidity is what causes people to feel hot and sweaty, primarily because your body can't sweat and release heat effectively. A ceiling fan can help you deal with humid conditions without cranking up your AC.

When turned on, the fan will force air to circulate throughout your home. In this way, the humid air that surrounds your skin (and makes you feel hot) is replaced by a fresh supply of air. Your body will thus be able to sweat and release heat effectively. 

3. You have unsealed air ducts

Do you have your AC on full blast and you still feel hot? It could be that the cool air being produced by your AC is leaking through your ducts. Unsealed ducts can leak large amounts of cool air and overwork your air conditioner in the process. To solve this challenge, use ceiling fans to better circulate the cool air that is coming out of your vents. Using fans will also allow you to save on costs.


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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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