Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

See Why Your Air Conditioner Fails When You Need It Most

by Olivia Morris

Any season that finds your air conditioner not ready for use leaves you unhappy and frustrated. Always check if your air conditioning unit is in good condition to avoid devastating problems when the hot or cold days come. Hot days leave your home's interior boiling while the cold days leave you freezing. A properly maintained air conditioner makes life in your home more meaningful. However, a faulty air conditioning unit will leave you sad since it won't make the interior of your home enjoyable and friendly. Turn on your air conditioner a few weeks before the season changes to see if it's in good working condition. Here is why most air conditioners fail in homes:

Freon Is Leaking

Cold air should blow through your AC vents if the appliance is in good shape. Although cold air fails to blow in the vents due to several reasons, a refrigerant leak is a major culprit. Freon leaks occur due to a failed hose, seal or O-ring. You should detect refrigerant leaks early before they cause other unexpected issues in your AC unit. Repairing the failing components early helps your air conditioner to function normally and make your indoor environment awesome. Moisture gets into the air conditioner when leaks aren't fixed quickly, and this becomes the beginning of regrettable AC damage and expensive repairs.

Condenser Fan Is Faulty

Some people just add refrigerant to their air conditioner when it fails to cool their home. This is not a good idea since refrigerant leaks aren't always the only cause of a failing air conditioner. The condenser fan could be the cause of your broken air conditioner. A faulty condenser fan causes increased pressure within the air conditioner that eventually damages the evaporator coil and the entire condenser. Adding refrigerant to an air conditioning unit with a faulty condenser fan increases the pressure within the unit, leading to total failure.

Cabin Air Filter Is Worn Out

The cabin air filter and evaporator are the two main areas where the air flows through your air conditioner. The cabin air filter doesn't allow debris and dirt in the air to circulate in your home. That's how you get cleaner air in your house. Airflow in your home is affected when the filters are worn out or clogged. The liquid refrigerant in your air conditioner won't turn into vapour when airflow is inadequate. The liquid overflows and gets sucked into the compressor, damaging it. A good AC technician diagnoses the actual cause of the problem before they repair the appliance.

Now you understand why those quick fixes you rush to when your air conditioner fails are dangerous. Any misdiagnosis in the air conditioning world causes severe problems or even total malfunction of the appliance. Professionals in air conditioning services know the appropriate repairs an air conditioning unit needs depending on the symptoms at hand.


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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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