Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Reasons Your AC Electricity Expenses Keep Increasing Unnecessarily

by Olivia Morris

If you use an air conditioner regularly, you know how much power is required to run it monthly. However, if you have been getting insanely crazy bills lately and the utility company hasn't increased the rates, you must wondering what's wrong. Generally, air conditioning makes up about a third of the bill, so if it has increased to half or more, it's crucial to know what's causing the problem. Here are some reasons why your utility bill is getting out of control whenever you use your air conditioner.

Duct system is leaking

The cool air your air conditioner produces is distributed throughout the building via the ductwork. If any part of the system starts to leak, the cool air that's meant to go to a certain room will not get there. And If the AC takes longer to meet the thermostat's requirements, then it will be forced to work harder for longer to deliver the required results. Due to this, more power will be consumed.

Be sure to hire a specialist to check your ductwork when you realise some rooms aren't being cooled as expected. Once the repairs are done, your unit will use less power to run.

Air conditioning unit is too old

Your air conditioner's efficiency reduces over the years, and this can easily increase your electricity consumption rates. So if you have used your unit for over a decade, and you keep seeking air conditioning repairs regularly, consider replacing it. Of course, you will need more money to invest in a new air conditioner, but at least you will save on regular repairs and high electric bills that accumulate as a result of an energy-inefficient operation. Ensure you hire an expert to calculate your air conditioning requirements before you hit the shops to search for another air conditioner.

The AC hasn't been serviced

Like other electric equipment, your air conditioner needs to be maintained regularly. The expert will check out the entire system and conduct the necessary air conditioning repairs. This will not only resolve the problem but also prevent possible breakdowns.

While servicing the system, the expert will also examine the condition of some essential components like the filter. The filter is designed to keep the duct system, air handler, and indoor coil clean, so if it's dirty, you will not breathe in quality air. Moreover, the dirt will block air from getting into the ducting, meaning it will take too long to cool the house. If you increase the run time, the electricity bill will increase as well.

Speak to an air conditioning professional to learn more. 


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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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