Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

3 Reasons Why Multi-Split Air Conditioning Is Ideal For Townhouses

by Olivia Morris

Cheaper than a fully-fledged house but more spacious and private than a conventional apartment, townhouses are becoming increasingly popular across the country. However, without an efficient air conditioning system, your townhouse will become just as hot and stifling during the summer months as any other home.

If you need a new air conditioning system that can effectively and economically cool your townhouse, multi-split air conditioning can be an excellent choice. Here are three reasons why multi-split systems are ideal for cooling almost any townhouse:

Compact Multi-Room Cooling

Multi-split air conditioning systems function on the same principles as single-split systems. An indoor unit with a blower fan is connected to an outdoor condenser unit, which pipes cooled refrigerant to the indoor unit and cools the air that passes through its blower. Unlike single split systems, a multi-split system has multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit, allowing you to cool several rooms with a single system.

If you want an air conditioning system that can cool your entire townhouse, your other options are multiple single-split systems or a ducted central air system. However, installing several multiple single-split systems is only possible if you have enough outdoor space to accommodate multiple condenser units, which many townhouses lack. On the other hand, a central air system requires large, bulky ducts, which can take up too much space in a compact townhouse.

A multi-split system provides a happy medium, taking up less indoor space than a central air system and less outdoor space than several single split systems. This makes them ideal for most townhouse residences.

Low Running Costs

Like single split systems, multi-split air conditioners are very energy-efficient and have low running costs even if they are used constantly during the brutal summer months. This is obviously useful for any home but can be particularly helpful for townhouse owners. 

Because townhouses are built on shared plots of land, townhouse owners must pay strata fees to maintain the landscaping and communal areas on the shared land. These payments can be pretty steep, especially on luxury properties. An efficient multi-split air conditioner will help keep your individual home's running costs low, making it easier to budget for strata fees and other upkeep payments.

Low Outdoor Visibility

Because multi-split air conditioners only require a single, relatively small outdoor unit, they are also visually unobtrusive when viewed from outside. The condensers can be hidden from view easily using shrubs, fences or other obstructions. 

Property management companies that own townhouse developments are often very strict about making modifications to your home that can be seen from the street, so multi-split systems can be very useful for cooling your home without significantly altering your home's appearance.


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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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