Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

Mistakes To Avoid During Air Conditioning Installation

by Olivia Morris

Some homeowners assume that installing an air conditioner is a straightforward task. As such, they get into the installation phase, thinking that everything will go well. Unfortunately, people tend to make mistakes that may affect the air conditioner's performance. 

That said, you should know some common air conditioning installation mistakes so that you can avoid them. But, if you feel that you cannot install an air conditioner the right way, have a professional AC contractor take charge. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid. 

Failing To Insulate the Refrigerant Lines Correctly

Most people who opt to install air conditioners on their own often insulate the refrigerant line the wrong way. Some even forget to insulate the lines altogether. Unfortunately, this is a costly mistake because it leaves the refrigerant lines exposed to weather elements. 

Leaving the lines exposed might strain the air conditioner and increase the system operating costs. Besides, the lack of insulation can affect the efficiency of your AC unit. That said, make sure the refrigerant line is adequately insulated. 

Ignoring Sizing Requirements

If you opt to install an AC unit by yourself, you shouldn't ignore sizing requirements. Surprisingly, most homeowners don't even know the proper sizing requirements. As such, they end up buying an air conditioner that's smaller than their space or bigger than their home. 

Unfortunately, none of these scenarios will work out in your favour. For instance, if the AC is too small, it won't be practical for cooling your entire home. You might end up incurring huge energy bills to have the AC cool your house.

Failing To Position the Thermostat Strategically

This is a common mistake among DIY enthusiasts. Remember that the thermostat works hand in hand with the AC to keep your space at the desired temperature. By failing to position the thermostat strategically, your air conditioner will produce incorrect temperatures. 

Besides, temperature inconsistencies may arise as well. To avoid such problems, place your thermostats in the hallway or any secluded area. Don't make the mistake of placing your thermostats close to the windows or doors.

Not Doing a Leak Check

Some people forget to check for refrigerant leaks after completing the installation. As you well know, refrigerant leaks can cause a myriad of problems and increase your electricity bills significantly. You'll end up paying so much money to have your air conditioner repaired. So before you conclude that your AC installation was successful, conduct a proper leak check.

For more information on air conditioning installation, contact a HVAC installer in your area.


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Replacing Sensors on Your HVAC System

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